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26 Agustus 2016 - 17:41

Hi, We are old fashioned Scotch Rough Collie (Lassie dog) Breeder in Solo regency, Central Java, Indonesia.

Rough Collie comes from a regal background of the Balmoral Castle during Victorian era. Lieutnant Governor Stamford Raffles entourage may likely introduced some of early dogs to Java during the British Reign. This legacy may continue to the current era with Collie dogs to inhabit royal homes and palaces in Java.

It has been a decade long journey to grow and breed the Rough Collie dogs. Our family has bred generations of Collies in our farm with passion and care like part of our own family (Lassie).

We are not commercial breeder by any means, our dogs do not part take in the showrings. We are not amused by the showring circle as we instill upon the working line suitability for our dogs. Our dogs are tested for gentle handling with children, cats, chicken, horses and other farm animals, they must be adept at Ring One family circle with intuition to think on their feet.

Thus in summary: our vision is to continue the royal breed of Large old Style Collie dog, suitable as a loyal family companion and smart enough to be the Residence owner dog without causing aggression to the neighbour Bullies or Dogos, sweet kissing the chicken, conures and Yorkshire canaries, while greeting the chitty chatty chihua-hua or pro-barking Pomeranians.     

We have several stud dogs available from Standard Sable, Blue Merle and Tri-Colour the three main foundation colour shades of the Rough Collie breed. All Stud dogs are selected for good conformance, health and attitude.  

1. London (Dark Sable white Male)
2. Brisbane (Light Sable white, Male)
3. Sydney (Light Sable white, Male)
4. Marques (Blue Merle, Male)
5. Edmund (Tri Colour, Male)

Our PERKIN registration:

Kennel Name: von Britannia Ayalana, Kennel: B. 0318 '14
Membership: 02-005815

We have three secluded breeding locations in the regency of Solo, Salatiga and Jogyakarta

CARE: Our dogs are not air conditioned or under specialised treatment. They are just as easy to care as the average German Shepherd and the Golden Retrievers. Yes, they get visited by the Veterinary team for general checkup during the course of the year and regular worming, anti flea & ticks spray and booster vaccinations. We give our dogs table food, reputable quality pelleted dog food and mixture of raw food including fish, chicken, goat, pork, lamb and Beef as we want our dogs to be as healthy a possible. The most important point is we let our dogs to go free-range in the garden so that they can socialise with the family and friends.

Just word of caution: ensure a gentle spray of water to moist the coat before brushing, brush along hair direction and avoid INVERMECTIN based shots at all time  

From time to time we do have puppies available to good homes only. For reservation or stud breeding information please call, SMS or WhatsApp.

Thus by appointment only we can be contacted. If you are really serious and interested in continuing the Collie breed you may contact me, George on 081548696888 or 085293100999 (English & Bahasa Indonesian), most welcome.

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